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Cultivating community through gardening

The CoVictory Gardens Project

CoVictory Gardens is a socially engaged art project, seeking to cultivate connection and illustrate social solidarity amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This project openly invites all to participate, and  is durational, like the pandemic, acknowledging that gardening can provide engagement and healing throughout the seasons.

CoVictory Gardens explores how our individual actions can allow us to feel more connected to each other and to the place we live, and celebrates how engaging with the earth through gardening can nurture our spirits, bodies, neighborhood and community and bring meaningful change and even justice to the world.

The CoVictory Gardens project has three parts participants can explore:

  • claim CoVictory

  • cultivate community

  • create change

Participants in the CoVictory Gardens Project can participate to whatever degree they are able, exploring in and engaging with this practice of care and connection.

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All gardens can be CoVictory Gardens. Whether it is a succulent in a window sill or four raised beds, all are invited to participate. Join the project by marking your garden and by putting your garden on the map!

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CoVictory Gardens aim to cultivate community through sharing our collective action and the stories of gardening during the pandemic. Read the stories of other gardeners and share your own story.

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Gardening is about so much more than just creating beauty or food. Their are profound conceptual, spiritual, social, political and collective implications in gardening. Through the CoVictory Gardens Class, we share some of these ideas for all to explore.

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The CoVictory Gardeners' Manifesto

We act in response to physical isolation, social connections that happen only through technology, and the virus


We seek a connection with our community; our truest selves, our neighbors, our friends and family, and our earth, collaborating together


We see hope in all growth, and a connection in all life. We honor the history of Victory Gardening and pursue a peaceful path to sustainability without the threat of scarcity 


We believe in nature’s power to heal. With buds opening and bulbs growing, we intentionally engage in a world that is moving forward. Together, we build spaces where we can cherish growth and renewal


With our planters, our raised beds, our greenhouses, herb gardens, thriving succulents and quiet cacti; 

With dirt in our fingernails and watering pitchers in hand; with green and black thumbs; 

With produce and flowers: 

We celebrate the chance to nourish life, witness the seasons and seed our place in the world, together, with our

CoVictory Gardens

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CoVictory Gardens began in March 2020 in the midst of the COVID19 outbreak in the United States. To learn more about the roots of the project read the blog!

Envisioned as a participatory public art project in a time of social distancing, this project falls under the work of Sheila Novak Studios.

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