Garden Soil

CoVictory Gardens Nourish

Our Bodies

By placing dirt under our fingernails,

By offering a different posture than sitting, and 

By filling our lungs with fresh air, our ears with birdsong, our eyes with beauty and perhaps even our bellies with food;

Our Spirits

By creating daily opportunities for discovery and delight, 

By giving us something to cherish and nurture,

By giving us appreciation for and patience with the seasons;

Our Dwelling Places

By creating spaces to learn and grow,

By centering the physical world rather than the world of screens, and

By providing witness to the victory of life; 

Our Neighborhoods

By seeding CoVictory Gardens throughout our community, 

By acknowledging that although we are physically isolated, we move through this season together, and 

By welcoming others into wonderment;

Our Community, Country and World

By creating a source of connection, 

By acknowledging history, and 

By relating our endeavors into a globally connected effort.

We invite every Gardener to be a CoVictory Gardener, and every Garden to be a CoVictory Garden. 

We celebrate the chance to nourish life, witness the seasons and see our place in the world, together, with our CoVictory Gardens.

Because CoVictory Gardens provide nourishment for us all.



CoVictory Gardens began in March 2020 in the midst of the COVID19 outbreak in the United States. To learn more about the roots of the project read the blog!

Envisioned as a participatory public art project in a time of social distancing, this project falls under the work of Sheila Novak Studios.


"When I started growing things, my life got better"


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