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Join CoVictory Gardeners across the globe

CoVictory: Welcome

See the Gardens!

Claim CoVictory by marking your garden IRL (with a marker) and URL (with the map!). In this interactive map you can select gardens to not only discover where CoVictory Gardens are growing but also to hear a little about their garden

CoVictory: HTML Embed

Add your Garden to the Map

CoVictory Gardens aim to cultivate community through sharing our collective action. Put your CoVictory Garden on the map, and claim CoVictory with us!

To put your garden on the map, use the link below. If you want to maintain some anonymity, feel free to just mark the zip code, city, state or province where your garden is growing.

All you have to do is fill out the form, and we will be sure to update the map and our storyboard with your garden as soon as we are able. Any information shared in the form will be made public.

If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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CoVictory: About

Mark Your CoVictory Garden

Join us in nurturing plants and community, together

CoVictory Gardens is a participatory project which invites everyone to collaborate in gardening as a method of nurturing ourselves, our community and our world.

The vision of the project is to build connection to our neighbors and ourselves through gardening, acknowledging how CoVictory Gardens nurture us just as much as we nurture them. Marking your CoVictory Garden can help others see the connection in our efforts.


Handmade CoVictory Garden Signage

pay as you can

Label your CoVictory Garden with this distinctive, handmade, wooden signage!

A Manifesto on Pawtucket Paper

suggested: $7-12

This Manifesto declares the vision, purpose, and possibilities of growing a CoVictory Garden. Printed on handmade, plant-based paper made by Pawtucket, RI artist May Babcock, this paper is as beautiful as it is natural.

Our D.I.Y. Sign Kit!


Prefer to make your own garden signage? Download the CoVicgory Gardens Signage and Coloring Kit. Hang a coloring page in a window or even make a stencil and paint the side of a pot!

All are welcome to join as they are able. All products are available at a sliding scale through our order form or you can order on Etsy for a fixed price.

CoVictory: Products
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