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A Score for New Growth

a 9" paper pot/pan holds a lush growth of sprouts
A Score for New growth, performed by Juliette Walker at The Cake Stand

Now a year and a half later, we are continuing to face the pressures, fears and anxieties of a global pandemic. Despite reopening stores and lifting restrictions, COVID-19 and new, scary strains continue to wreak havoc globally. As we move into the summer of 2021, A Score for New Growth provides the framework for thinking about, celebrating and examining the life lessons, and the truths of social change, that can be cultivated in our gardens.

This score examines internal growth along the arc of seeding, germination, sprouting and thinning.

A Score for New Growth

Over 13 days, the score asks for the Grower to meditate on the movement of seeds as they align with spiritual and collective movement. In a series of days of seeding, gardening and breathing, the Grower asks:

Day 1 “Is there sustenance for new growth?”
Day 2 “Is there new growth in stasis?”
Day 1-5, the soil appears stagnant as germination occurs unseen, in darkness
Day 3 “Is there new growth in darkness?”
Day 4 Is there new growth without yield?”
Day 5 “If the seed never germinates, is there still new growth?”
Day 6 “If change is undetectable, can there be new growth?”
Day 7 “Could I too break open and grow roots?”

Day 6-8 sprouts begin to appear

Day 8 “Is this new growth inherited? Taken? Restored?”
Day 9 “Is this new growth cultivating care?”
Day 10 Do I pursue new growth for myself or others?
Day 11 “Can I touch the wonder of new growth?”

Day 9-12 Sprouts grow lush and dense

Day 12 “How will I share the abundance of new growth?”
Day 13 “What can we gather from new growth?”

Day 13 the performance ends, and the sprouts are thinned or consumed

A Score for New Growth
Download PDF • 97KB

Many thanks to Juliette Walker , the Cakestand, and Allie Oakley for their support in this project. From hosting and editing to performing, this project wouldn't have happened without you!

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