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Disseminating ideas: the MANIFESTO

CoVictory Gardens Class, Week 5: Tools for Social Practice

Rules, Corita Kent

Artists and thinkers utilize manifestos as one tool to share ideas and promote activism. This week Urbano Artists read, analyzed, and discussed manifestos and how they operate to ignite action and persuade others to join a movement. Through the writing of Patrisse Cullors and her "10 Rules to Fight For Black People's Freedom", The NCAA MXNIFESTO by New Craft Arts in Action, and "Manifestos: A Manifesto" by Julian Hanna.

We also looked at the CoVictory Gardens Manifesto!

Together, the Urbano Youth Artists brainstormed a few ideas for a Youth CoVictory Gardens Manifesto:

We believe gardening brings us closer together and closer to nature
We believe in changing how art is perceived and understood
We believe anyone can garden, no matter your situation (small apartment or big house)
We believe gardening sparks joy in peoples love and creativity
We want to live in a world where anyone can be a great artist because it’s not just about pretty drawings
We want to live in a world where anyone has the ability to create art
We seek to change the way people see art
We seek a better future where teens are known for making great movements (not just trouble).
We seek to contribute and grow as a community.

These documents are incredible ways to share and develop ideas and to coalesce a movement. 🌑🌱 I am so proud of this work and honored to work with such a bright and talented group of young people, who want to change the world!

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