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Gardening for community during a pandemic

The Prosperity Garden Network in conversation with Sheila Novak of CoVictory Gardens

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the observation of increased gardening that paired with this moment in our time, artists Sheila Novak and Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr. mutually developed projects to acknowledge and frame this collective action through their respective projects: CoVictory Gardens and the Prosperity Garden Network. Both projects work as a conceptual framing aligning our collective actions at this moment.

As part of the 2020 Summer programming at the Urbano Project, Sheila Novak is exploring her project, CoVictory Gardens, with a cohort of Youth Artists, intersecting social practice and social change with gardening at the Urbano Project. As the first in a series of public programs, Michael shared his experience as a social practice artist, and we discussed how our projects differ and overlap.

As stated by the Prosperity Garden Network: ”we do have a struggle to overcome, but our goals are mutual aid, supporting diversity, learning, and growing.”

Hosted by the Urbano Project and Artist-in-Residence Sheila Novak


Kirk Rea, Co-Executive Director for City Repair (Portland, OR)

Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr., Practicing Master Artist and Artist-in-Residence for City Repair

Sheila Novak, Artist-in-Residence for the Summer 2020 at Urbano

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