• Sheila Novak

To Lie Fallow

We must rest to grow

a gif of the letters from 1 being surrounded by orange flowers on a soil background

To lie fallow:
1. Of soil, to remain unseeded after having been plowed.
2. Of a talent, idea, state of mind, etc., to remain undeveloped

🌚🌱 This winter, CoVictory Gardens (the project and many gardens themselves) lay fallow. I thought about our gardens and the continued need for connection during the pandemic, but my need for rest as I navigated family illness and loss became an undeniable priority.

🍂We let fields lie fallow to recover, and we too must recover. We must rest. My personal spring has not aligned with the natural spring here in MA. I needed to move slowly for a little time to rediscover my energy for the work.

💥now it is time to continue to share stories, and the lessons learned and art made in the garden. I can’t wait to get back here and share more. In the meantime- put down your phone and go get some dirt under your nails.


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